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FEATURED: President Bush & his efforts to strike down the various sheild laws protecting journalists from prosecution, revealing their sources, etc. PLUS: Amateur Radio & its biggest event - FIELD DAY.

FEATURED:The Democratic National Convention & the recreation of '68 by Recreate '68 & Paris Hilton & her legal troubles. PLUS The Right to Free Speech vs Public Safety & one's Right to Privacy during the Democratic National Convention: Finding the common ground.
My take on the so-called "Pathway To Citizenship" policy that Washington is taking on the issue of ILLEGAL Immigration, propaganda & dis-information on the part of the CIA towards Iranians. Plus how this country has let the Bush Administration run amuck by giving him as much "card blanche" as he's gotten so far.
FEATURED:What is and just WHO constitutes a journalist, immigration, more on Bush & his plans to increase the U.S. troop prescence in Iraq. Plus, a rant on (And AGAINST) the user-friendliness and audio quality of TalkShoe.com

FEATURED:Denver's snow removal policy, Denver's Election Day debacle & MY take on the whole issue. PLUS: Bush & his plans to send more troops to Iraq & WHAT DOES weaning ourselves off of foreign oil have to do with NATIONAL SECURITY. ALL THAT & MORE ON THIS EPISODE!!

FEATURED: The Democratic National Convention.
This is the original first episode of The Pat Cook Show.

FEATURED: The 2004 Democratic National Convention.
From 2004. An interview with Jiggy Jaguar from The Jiggy Jaguar Show.

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